How to Plant a Container Grown Tree

See how to best plant a container-grown tree in your yard.

Storm-Damaged Forests: Management following the Storm

This ~3-minute video provides a general overview of forest management actions and recovery strategies following impactful storm events, with emphasis on oak ecosystems. Specific topics include: regaining forest access, forest stand improvement (FSI), salvage harvest, and creating resilient forests.

5 Types of Tree Injuries from High Wind Damage

In this video Extension Forestry Specialist Billy Beck takes us through the forest to look at 5 types of tree injuries sustained from high wind. Specifically, the 2020 derecho storm that caused $11 billion in damage across the Midwest.

Bagworms: They're not worms, but they are in a bag!

In this video Dr. Laura Iles of the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic takes us to a tree in town that is infested with bagworms.

How to Care for your Houseplants

Consumer Horticulture Extension Specialist Aaron Steil teaches you how to best care for your houseplants. Playlist topics include watering & fertilizing, selecting containers & soilless media, humidity & temperature, and light!

Oak Wilt or Bot Twig Canker?

A year after the derecho, we lost so many beautiful trees while others lost limbs. We always remind oak lovers to avoid unnecessary pruning from April to July to minimize the risk of Oak wilt transmission. We had questions at the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic from oak caretakers wondering if their derecho injured trees may be infected with oak wilt after the derecho.

Brown Moths Around? They Might Be Hackberry Emperor Butterflies

For the past few weeks there has been an ivasion of brown "moths" in Iowa!  Roadways and yards have been covered; they are also landing on people. Everyone is asking, what is going on?! 

Principles of Pruning, The Suppression Cut

This installment of Principles of Pruning focuses on a suppression cut. Iowa State horticulture specialist Jeff Iles is back and demonstrating a suppression cut on an ornamental Pekin Lilac.

Be Aware of the Carpenterworm

A hole in a tree where a carpenterworm has exited. 

Mushroom Season is Upon Us

Mushroom season is here, and before you hit the trails and go searching for your favorite specimens, make sure you refresh your memory and understand the risks associated with hunting and consuming wild-harvested mushrooms.

Always remember there is always a risk associated with consuming wild harvested mushrooms, even those considered edible.  Check out these great resources for safe mushroom foraging.

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