Tree and shrub care

Maybe you’ve never given them much thought, but trees are everywhere.  They’re in our yards, parks, cemeteries, natural areas, along our streets…yes, everywhere!  And even if you don’t always notice them, we need them.  We need them to clean our air, provide shelter from summer heat and winter winds, and bring beauty to our world. 

We also employ them as guideposts and to mark time.  “Meet me under the oak near the library”, or, “let’s plant a tree to announce the arrival of our new baby girl/boy.”  And have you ever stood next to a really old tree?  Touched it and wondered how it got there?  Who planted it?  Marveled at all of the history seen by its massive trunk and branches? 

I’ll bet there are trees in your town that witnessed early settlers and pioneers heading westward, or remember the day Iowa became the 29th state.  An oft- quoted adage goes something like, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago…and the next best time is today.”  It’s also been said people who plant trees are optimists and confident about the future.  So, to honor trees and those who did and will plant them, do what you can to keep the cycle going.  And thank for visiting this page.


Tree Selection 

Shade Trees for Iowa

Small Stature Trees for Iowa

Summer blooming trees

What is Chinese Chestnut?

Choosing an Arborist


Tree Planting 

Learn How to Plant a Container-Grown Tree

Care of Newly Planted Trees

Planting Trees in the Landscape

Choosing an Arborist

Consulting Arborists Provide Service in Iowa





Tree Problems, Pests and Management


Identifying Tree Problems                                                Rhizosphaera Needle Cast

Identifying and Handling Tree Root Issues                      Stigmina Needle Cast

Common Problems of Ash Trees

Understanding Decline in Trees

Pruning Trees: Shade, Flowering, and Conifer

Oak Wilt - Identification and Management

Iron Chlorosis in Pin Oak and River Birch

Peeling and Splitting Bark on Shade Trees

Bacterial Spot on Stonefruit Trees

Bur Oak Blight

Dutch Elm Disease




The Integrated Pest Management Program and horticulture experts with Iowa State University often do videos on different aspects of tree maintenance and care. Check back here frequently for more informative videos! 


Principles of Pruning, Part 1: When and Why to Prune

Principles of Pruning, Part 2: Making a Good Cut

Principles of Pruning, Part 3: Included Bark

Principles of Pruning, Part 4: The Suppression Cut 

How to Plant a Container Grown Tree

Dothistroma Needle Blight of Pine Trees

Diplodia Tip Blight of Pine Trees

Bagworms, Part 1

Bagworms, Part 2