Perennials for Shady Areas

For some gardeners, shady areas are problem spots in the home garden. Many plants, however, perform well in shady areas. Selecting and planting shade tolerant annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs can turn a shady site into an attractively landscaped area.

Early Spring Blooming Perennials

HeartleafOne of the first signs of spring is the emergence of the crocus and daffodils. Yet some perennials can also introduce the spring season. There are a number of early blooming spring perennials that can complement the bulbs and help wake up the perennial garden. The following perennials are the prelude to the later spring bloomers.

Prairie Wildflowers for the Home Landscape

Butterfly WeedNon-native perennials, such as peonies, daylilies, and bearded irises, are indispensable components of the home landscape. Though suitable for the home landscape, native perennial wildflowers are often unappreciated and not widely planted. Native plants do have distinct advantages. Native wildflowers are adapted to our soil and weather conditions. Many are relatively easy to grow.

Native Woodland Wildflowers for the Home Garden

When selecting plants for the shade garden, one group of plants that is often overlooked are native woodland wildflowers. Since they are native to the state, woodland wildflowers are completely hardy. They also perform well when given a good site. Many are very attractive. When browsing through garden catalogs this winter, consider some of the following woodland wildflowers.

Perennial Phlox for the Home Garden

Selecting perennials for the home garden can be a bit intimidating. There are literally thousands of species and varieties available. Among those that deserve consideration are several species of Phlox. (The word phlox is Greek meaning flame and refers to their brightly colored flowers.)

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