Shade Tolerant Trees and Shrubs

The previous issue of the Horticulture and Home Pest News contained a list of perennials that perform well in partial to heavy shade. A number of trees and shrubs can also be successfully grown in partial shade.

Trees and Shrubs Adapted to Partial Shade

Common Name Scientific Name Height Comments
Five-Leaf Aralia Acanthopanax sieboldianus 3-6 feet Has prickly stems, makes good barrier plant.
Serviceberry Amelanchier spp.

Popular Roses

Roses are among the most popular and versatile plants grown in flower gardens. Roses offer a large assortment of growth habits, sizes, and shapes as well as a variety of leaf and flower colors. The American Rose Society, with nearly 20,000 members, has surveyed its members to determine their favorite cultivars. Some of their favorites include:

Hybrid Teas Floribundas Miniatures Miniatures cont. Grandifloras
  • Color Blends
    • Double Delight
    • First Prize
    • Folklore
    • Peace

Popular Hostas

Hostas are one of the most popular perennial plants grown in gardens today. While many gardeners grow them because of their shade tolerance, some varieties thrive in sunny sites as well. Hosta foliage offers a variety of leaf shapes, textures, and colors. The flowers of many are fragrant and bloom in various shades of purple and pink as well as white. There are hundreds of hosta varieties from which to choose and more varieties become available each year.

Searching for the Boogieman and Other Creatures

It can be frustrating driving around to various garden centers or leafing through mailorder catalogs searching for a specific perennial, shrub, or fruit tree. Fortunately, there are several books that can help the determined gardener find sources for those difficult- to-find plants.

Trees and Shrubs for Wet Sites

Many ornamental trees and shrubs thrive in Iowa's fertile, well-drained soils. Most trees and shrubs, however, don't like wet soils. Fortunately, there are plants that survive wet soils better than others. Trees and shrubs that tolerate wet sites include the following:


Suggested Apple Varieties for Home Gardens in Iowa

Home gardeners can successfully grow apples in most areas of Iowa. However, before selecting and planting apple trees, gardeners should carefully consider the time and money required to produce high quality fruit. For many individuals, commercial apple orchards may be the best source of fresh, high quality apples.

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