Gardening With Allergies

For myself, gardening is enjoyable all year long. Others, however, are not so fortunate. Seasonal allergies can stop some people in their tracks with sneezing attacks, watery eyes and noses or an inability to breathe. Spring begins the allergy season with the pollen of ash, birch, elm, hickory, and other trees. Late spring and summer brings problems with grasses. Summer and fall continues the agony with numerous weeds such as dock, ragweed and amaranth.

Insect Damage to Notice on Trees Now

Ash Plant Bug.
This common sap feeder on ash tree foliage causes discrete white speckles on the upper surface of the leaves. The leaf undersurface is marked with shiny black specks of excrement called varnish spots.
The feeding stipples are often clustered and in some severe cases, enough speckles accumulate to cause shriveling or browning of the leaves. Premature leaf drop is possible later in the season when the second generation has further stippled the same leaves. Control is seldom warranted except on stressed or newly transplanted trees.

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