The ISU Extension and Outreach horticulture team has many great resources to offer that you can’t find on this particular website. Browse through the links below to explore the websites we think you might find helpful. If you still have trouble finding what you need, browse our Frequently Asked Questions!

Tree and Shrub Care
Maybe you’ve never given them much thought, but trees are everywhere.  They’re in our yards, parks, cemeteries, natural areas, along our streets…yes, everywhere!  And even if you don’t always notice them, we need them.  We need them to clean our air, provide shelter from summer heat and winter winds, and bring beauty to our world. This page is meant as a resources for those seeking information on everything from the planting stage all throughout the lifecycle.
Weeds in Lawns & Gardens
This page pulls together resources from the Horticulture and Home Pest Newsletter (HHPN), FAQs on the HHPN website, web pages and videos from the ICM team, weed resources from NREM, and publications available from the Extension store.
Soil Testing Resources for Home Gardeners | Horticulture and Home Pest News
Soil tests for home lawn and garden settings in Iowa can be submitted to neighboring state universities and private laboratories.  Soil tests are not available from Iowa State University. Where can I submit a soil sample for testing? Many soil testing laboratories provide soil tests specific to agronomic (field) crops.  These labs generate recommendations for field crops that do not apply to the home garden, lawn, or vegetable garden. 
Agriculture is important to Iowa. We grow crops and raise livestock to feed our nation and beyond. Much of Iowa’s economy thrives on our rich agricultural heritage and ANR Extension and Outreach plays an important role in providing research-based information and resources to educate Iowa’s farmers, producers and agribusinesses. Our programs impact all Iowans, whether they live in a rural or urban area, and have been developed to improve our quality of life.
The Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic provides diagnosis of plant problems (plant diseases, insect damage, and assessment of herbicide damage) and the identification of insects and weeds from the field, garden, and home. The PIDC is a joint effort between Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and Departments of Plant Pathology, Entomology, Horticulture, and Agronomy.
The mission of the Iowa State University Extension Master Gardener Program is to provide current, research-based, home horticulture information and education to the citizens of Iowa through programs and projects. Through their participation in educational activities, Master Gardeners also increase their own personal knowledge in horticulture. Master Gardeners extend Iowa State University Extension’s consumer horticulture education programs through volunteer activity.