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Puffball (Calvatia species)


There is nothing more thrilling than finding a giant puffball mushroom. The fruiting body of the puffball can contain more than 7 trillion spores that are released and carried away by the wind. Puffballs are found in the central and eastern parts of the United States and in Canada.

Fruiting Time- late summer and early fall

Shape, Size and Color- Puffballs are round or pear shaped and range from golfball sized to the size of a watermelon with some weighing as much as10 pounds. Puffballs are white when young, turning tan to brown with age. Giant puffballs crack open to release their spores.

Habitat- Puffballs are found sitting directly on the ground or on dead wood. They are commonly found in meadows, under small stands of trees and in forest openings.

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