Driving Directions to the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Center


Map of campus

Click here for an interactive map of the campus.

  1. Take the 13th St. exit off of I35 (Exit #113)
  2. Turn west onto 13th St. at the bottom of the exit ramp
  3. Go west on 13th St. through (this will be a few miles)
  4. Turn left (south) onto Stange Road
  5. Turn left (east) onto Pammel Drive
  6. Turn right (south) onto Wallace Road
  7. Turn right (west) onto Osborn Drive
  8. Turn into the 1st parking lot on the right (north) side, just before the gate on Osborn Drive
  9. Try to park in the 5 or 6 "Visitor Parking Spots" immediately to the right when you enter the parking lot
    • If the "Visitor" spots are all taken, park anywhere
    • Don't forget to put money in the parking meter
  10. Bessey Hall is just a bit further up (west) on Osborn Drive on the left (South) side of the street
    • Bessey Hall is a big, square gray concrete building with a greenhouse on the top
  11. The Clinic is in 327 Bessey

New location March 2018!