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Peony (Paeonia species)


Peonies are herbaceous shrubs that produce large, brightly colored flowers. Flowers are highly fragrant.

Uses- specimen plant, perennial garden plant, cut flowers

Bloom Time- plants vary from early, mid to late bloom times, choosing plants with different bloom times will offer a longer flowering season

Flower Color- Varies with cultivar, flowers are between 3 to 8 inches across in colors including white, shades of pink, red, burgundy and yellow. Flower shape also varies including single, double and anemone.

Height- 3 to 5 feet

Culture- 3 to 4 feet

Features- Species of peony include: fernleaf peonies which have finely divided foliage and tree peonies which can produce 75 to 100 flowers during a 2 month flowering period.