September 9, 2022

AAS Winners are Great New Plants to Grow in Your Garden

In 2022, All-America Selections is celebrating 90 years of trialing new varieties for the home gardener. There have been plenty of exciting new winners that merit a place in your garden that will be highlighted over the next several months in Horticulture and Home Pest News. 

How to Overwinter Plants

Some plants in the landscape need a little extra protection to make it through the winter months.  Fall is the time to prepare plants that are marginally hardy, tropical, newly planted, or tender perennials for winter.  Learn about why some plants need protection over the winter and the many different methods you can use to protect plants when the cold temperatures arrive in this article: How to Overwinter Plants


Hail Damage on Apples

While there are many environmental factors that can damage apple trees as well as the apple fruit, hail damage is one that can be very frustrating. Answers to questions that come up frequently regarding hail damage on apples can be found in this article: Managing Hail Damage on Apples.

Control of Creeping Charlie in the Lawn

Fall is the best time to control creeping Charlie (also called ground ivy) and many other broadleaf weeds in the yard.  Learn more about how to eradicate this tough-to-control lawn weed in this article: Control of Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie) in Lawns