September 4, 2020

Purple Carrot-seed Moth: A New Invasive Insect in Iowa

Purple carrot-seed caterpillars are reddish green with conspicuous white spots on each segment of the body

The purple carrot-seed caterpillar is green and reddish brown with prominent white spots on each segment of the body.  Photo by Shannon Bielicke, Johnson County Extension Office.

Transplanting and Dividing Peonies

Peonies can be left undisturbed in the garden for many years. Occasionally, however, it becomes necessary to move plants. Peonies in partial shade need to be moved to a sunny location to improve flowering. Plants may need to be moved to a different location when redesigning a perennial bed or border. Large, vigorous peonies can be dug and divided for propagation purposes.

Turfgrass Seed Sowing

Iowa Learning Farms on Storm Tree Damage