May 8, 2020

Asian Giant Hornet found in North America

Asian Giant Hornet

News of the Asian Giant Hornet’s arrival in Washington state has spread a lot farther than the actual invasive insect has, and there is no evidence it has arrived in Iowa or will ever be here, according to Iowa State University Extension and Outreach specialists.

Selecting a Site for a Vegetable Garden

Identifying Chemical Injury in Plants

Suspected herbicide damage on Fir.

We received various digital inquiries with strange tissue distortion. Spring is a good time to remember not all plant injuries are caused by a pathogen like bacteria or fungi. Some symptoms are caused by abiotic (non-living or environmental) factors, including herbicides.

Varieties of Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is a great vegetable to grow in your garden, and there are a variety of types to choose from.

Cultivate Your Health through Gardening and Potatoes