May 21, 2021

F is for Fritillaria

Fritillaria is one of the more unusual spring blooming bulbs in the garden.  This genus has more than 100 species and is a member of the lily family.  With nodding flowers that are either brightly colored, muted or checkered, this group of bulbs is sure to attract some attention in the spring landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fertilizers

As the growing season gears up, it is time to consider fertilizing garden plants.  But figuring out how and when to responsibly use fertilizers can be confusing and improper fertilization can be harmful to plants and to the environment.  Below are a few commonly asked questions about fertilizers.

Ants Galore

Field ants can be brown or black, but all have a notch across the top of the thorax

Ants are beneficial for the ecological services they provide (soil aeration, predation, seed dispersal, etc.).  However, there are times and places that ants are not welcome.

Controlling Weeds in the Home Lawn and Garden

Managing Emerald Ash Borer: Exploring Options