May 20, 2022

Bleached Flowers on Lilac

lilac flowers that are pink and white rather than purple

Intense heat during the time of lilac flower development can cause flowers to be pink or white instead or purple.

Peony Types and Cultivars

white peony flower with yellow center

Peonies are popular garden perennials.  There are several species of peonies that perform well in Iowa and across the Midwest.

New Gardening Podcast Now Available

Garden Variety Banner for new pod cast

Now you can listen to your favorite gardening experts from the popular “Horticulture Friday” segment each week on Iowa Public Radio’s Talk of Iowa any time!  Iowa Public Radio has launched a new garden podcast, “Garden Variety.” 

Carpenter Bee Males on Patrol

Carpenter bees have shiny, black abdomens

 Male carpenter bees dive at the heads and faces of homeowners and gardeners, causing concern and frustration, but the males are harmless!

Watering Tips for the Garden

Watering is one of the most frequent tasks performed in any garden or landscape.  Proper watering utilizes water responsibly, reducing evaporation and runoff.