May 19, 2017

Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update – May 19, 2017

The following are highlights and updates about samples and questions recently received in the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic. Visit the PIDC's Facebook page to ask questions and for updates and more pictures. For more information on a particular disease or insect problem listed, follow the article cited.

Buckeyes and Horsechestnuts

Buckeyes and horsechestnuts are members of the genus Aesculus.  The true chestnuts are members of a different genus - Castanea.  Members of the genus Aesculus have palmate leaves – meaning they have 5-7 leaflets that fan out like fingers on your palm. They have showy flowers in spring, which mature to large dark brown capsules in late summer or early fall.  While the hard, shiny buckeye fruits are considered good luck when carried in your pocket, they should not be eaten since they are poisonous to people. 

Iowa’s Wine Industry Continues to Grow

Iowa is home to 103 wineries and nearly 300 vineyards, up substantially from just 13 wineries and 15 growers in 1999. The Iowa wine industry makes a $420 million economic impact on the state, and wine-related tourism in Iowa is worth $41 million and draws nearly 360,000 visitors to the state.  Read about the growth of Iowa's wine industry and the celebration of May as Iowa Wine Month in the Iowa State University Extension & Outreach news release for May 19, 2017.

Iowa Commercial Horticulture Survey

The Iowa Commercial Horticulture Survey that collected data from the 2015 growing season is the first comprehensive statewide look at Iowa horticulture in more than a decade.  Survey data show Iowa’s horticulture industry generated more than $48 million in direct sales in 2015, with an additional $32 million in value-added commerce.  Read more about the survey and its results in the Iowa State University Extension & Outreach news release for May

Caring for Newly Planted Trees

Watering, staking, and wrapping are practices to help your newly-transplanted tree to growth and thrive.  Read about these and other steps to ensure tree-planting success in the Iowa State University Extension & Outreach news release for May 16, 2017.