May 10, 2019

Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update – May 10, 2019

A picture illustrating the symptoms of blight in Juniper branches

It's plant sale time — we were all looking forward to it! As you shop for plants remember “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Select the right plants for the location and carefully inspect plants for disease or pests prior to purchase. For more tips to get a good start to the garden season, see this 2-page publication: Integrated Pest Management for Home Gardens and Landscapes

Pollination Requirements for Tree Fruits

In flowers, pollination is the transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma.  After pollination and fertilization, fruit set occurs.  There are two types of pollination.  Self-pollination occurs when the pollen is transferred from the anther to the stigma on the same flower, from another flower on the same plant, or from a flower on another plant of the same cultivar.  Self-pollinated plants are said to be self-fruitful.  Many plants cannot produce fruit from their own pollen and are considered self-unfruitful.  These plants require cross-pollination for fr

Bleeding Hearts: Floral Hearts Celebrating Spring

A picture illustrating Dutchman's Breeches, Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding hearts are elegant perennials that grace many gardens and landscapes in Iowa.  Their distinctive spring flowers are often complimented by finely-divided or dissected foliage.  The unique heart-like flowers are created by two-spurred petals with a protruding inner petal that creates the “drop of blood” common for bleeding hearts. 

Bumble Bees of Iowa Pamphlet Available

Cover of Xerces brochure Bumble Bees of Iowa

A pamphlet to help identify and conserve bumble bees in Iowa is available from the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.  The pamphlet includes an identification guide to 16 species of bumble bees that have been found in Iowa, including the rusty-patched bumble bee that is listed as Endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act.  A description of the importance of bumble bees and bumble bee conservation actions are included on the tri-fold brochure created with funding provided by the Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund. 

Yard and Garden: Weed Control in Small Fruits

Yard and Garden: Impatiens Brighten Gardens