March 8, 2019

2019 Morel Mushroom Certification registration open

To legally sell morel mushrooms in Iowa, sellers must complete a certification workshop that covers identifying morels and false morels. People can be poisoned by eating mushrooms that are misidentified as morels. By the end of the workshops, participants will recognize true morels from false morels.

Yard and Garden: Snow Increases Rabbit, Deer Damage

Rabbits and deer have been browsing on trees and shrubs in windbreaks, home orchards and landscape plantings over the last two months because of the extended period of snow cover across most of Iowa

Vegetable Workshop to Explore Managing Disease, Insect Pests and Weed

An integrated pest management workshop will be held this spring to help growers, local foods coordinators, extension staff, county horticulturists and industry representatives learn about managing common insects, diseases and weeds in vegetable production systems.

Growing shamrocks indoors


Like many seasonal houseplants, shamrocks appear in floral shops, garden centers and other retailers for a short time.   While many seasonal plants are discarded after flowering, shamrocks can be long-lived houseplants with proper care.  

Grow Your Own Microgreens

Sample of Microgreens

Microgreens are easy to grow – even indoors in winter in Iowa.  All that is needed is a few supplies, some microgreen seeds, and a sunny window.