June 4, 2021

Groundcovers for Sunny Sites

Groundcovers, by definition, are plants that spread. They are often low-growing perennials or shrubs that unify or define landscape beds and borders.

Supplemental Irrigation Critical During Dry Weather

Iowans continue to deal with and recover from the impact of the derecho that swept through the state a year ago this August. The massive loss of trees—over 80,000 in Cedar Rapids alone—coupled with the spread of the emerald ash borer across the state, prompted many citizens to plant and now care for freshly planted trees.

It's Antlion Time, Again

antlions are insect larvae that make shallow conical pits in dry sandy soil next to the house

Do you have shallow, conical pits in the dry, sandy soil next to the house?  Lucky you!  Sounds like you could have doodlebugs.

Bird Mite Season is Almost Past. I Hope.

northern flowl mites are less than 1 mm long and usually clear with dark blood showing through

Bird mites live in bird nests and feed on blood from the baby birds.  Until the birds leave the nest and the increasingly hungry mites remain behind.

New Video Series Explores Derecho Damaged Forests in Iowa

See this four-part series of videos about the impact on last summer's derecho on the IPM Youtube Channel.

Look Out for Leafminers

We do not often see leafminers on magnolia, but the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic received a sample that I suspect is damage is from the magnolia serpentine leafminer moth (Phyllocnistis magnoliella).  

The caterpillar stage of this moth feeds close to the upper epidermis of the leaf and causes long, sort-of-silvery mines all over the leaf. They are not considered a pest of magnolia as usually it is only a few leaves that are affected. 

Rose Care Tips and Suggestions to Follow