June 3, 2022

End of an Era in Three Voices

Donald Lewis retires after 45 years as ISU Extension Entomologist.

All About Mulch

wood chips and shredded bark as mulch around a tree

Organic mulches serve several important functions in gardens and landscape plantings.  Mulches help control annual weeds, conserve soil moisture, moderate soil temperatures, and much more.  These many benefits make the use of mulch very beneficial in a wide range of garden settings.

Is My Tree Sick?

Note the left lower prance of the tree are affected

At the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic, we often receive questions from tree enthusiasts: Is my tree sick?

Managing Suckers on Trees

a small tree with sucker growing from the base

Suckers are vigorous upright growing stems that form at the base of a tree or from the root system.  They are problematic because they can reduce flowering and fruiting, alter the form of the tree, harbor pests and diseases, and look unsightly.