June 17, 2022

Pollinator Week is June 20-26, 2022

Swallowtail butterfly on lilac

Pollinator Week recognizes and celebrates the importance of pollinator health.  An initiative of the Pollinator Partnership, it is a time to raise awareness for pollinators and spread the word about what can be done to protect them.

Assessing Chemical Injury in Plants

Suspected herbicide damage on Fir.

It is a good time to remember that not all plant injuries are caused by pathogens like viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Some symptoms are caused by abiotic (non-living or environmental) factors, including herbicides.

Summer Pruning and Tipping of Raspberries, Blackberries, Black Raspberries, and Other Brambles

Figure 1 Blackberry primocane

Blackberries, black raspberries, and raspberries are different species of brambles, so their management can differ.  Raspberries can have either red or yellow fruit, but they are the same species of plant and so they have the same management.  Brambles also come in 2 groups: summer bearing (floricane) and everbearing (primocane).  For the items described in this article, we assume you are growing summer-bearing (floricane) cultivars.

Summer Pruning & Thinning of Grapevines

Figure 1 Grapevine trunk that needs to be suckered.

Early summer is a great time to remove excess grapevine shoots.  Learn which vines to prune out and how to do it.

Summer-Blooming Shrubs for Iowa

Bottlebrush Buckeye (Aesculus parviflora)

While many woody trees and shrubs bloom in the spring, there are several great selections for Iowa that look their best in June, July, and August. Consider these shrubs to add color and interest to the garden in the summer.