Feb. 11, 2022

Pruning Resources

February and March is the best time to prune most trees and shrubs in Iowa.  The absence of foliage at this time of year gives the individual a clear view of the tree and allows the selection and removal of appropriate branches.  Also, the walling-off or compartmentalization of wounds occurs most rapidly just prior to the onset of growth in spring.

Gardening TV Show on Iowa PBS Returns

Gardening enthusiasts dreaming of spring and getting their hands in the dirt can dig into inspiration with the continuation of Iowa PBS’s "Gardening With Steil."

All Hearts

In February heart-shaped gifts are everywhere!  In addition to roses for Valentine’s Day, consider something longer lived for your sweetheart.  Nothing says love more than a plant with heart-shaped leaves, right?  Whether indoors or outdoors, consider the following plants below for Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetheart – or yourself!

Horticulture Day Survey

Iowa Public Radio would like your opinion on the popular Horticulture Day segment on “Talk of Iowa” each Friday morning at 10am.  This long-running program is looking to expand its reach and they would like your thoughts.  Plus, you can enter to win a prize by completing the survey!

Please share this survey with anyone who might be interested, including Master Gardener groups, garden clubs, and any other organization who may have people who would like to contribute their opinion.

New Promo Cards Available for Online Gardening Resources

Promotional materials are now available free of charge to county Extension offices to promote the gardening resources on the Horticulture and Home Pest Newsletter and from the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic.  They can be used in the office for people who stop in, passed out at Farmer’s Markets, distributed at conferences or meetings, and more. 

Valentine’s Day Plant Care Resources

Rosa Red Cut Flower Bunch

February is a lovely time of year! And in February many people receive plants as gifts.  Below are resources for those looking to take the best care of the roses, bouquets, forced bulbs, and other plants they received from a loved one.

Recording Consumer Horticulture Questions in MyData

County Extension offices across the state address dozens – sometimes hundreds – of consumer horticulture (home gardening) questions each month. It is important to capture these contacts at the county level in MyData. By regularly and accurately recording consumer horticulture contacts, we can have an accurate understanding of the importance of this topic to clients in each county, and it helps prioritize resources and programming for the future.

Tobacco Rattle Virus Might Be in a Plant Near You

If you are in the market for a new plant, learning what pesky pathogens and pests to look for is a great idea.

Soil Testing Kits Available to Extension County Offices

Extension County offices semi-frequently get requests from clients for soil testing resources on lawns and gardens. Due to the need for a clear and simple resource to give to clients, Raymond Kruse, from the Dubuque County Extension Office, developed a Lawn and Garden Test Kit for soil sampling.