August 12, 2022

Harvesting Summer Vegetables

With summer in full swing, it means that you can now reap the rewards of all the work you’ve put into the vegetable garden this year. 

Below is some advice on how to harvest your favorite vegetables that typically ripen in July and August.

Managing the Garden in Extreme Heat

When a summer heat wave arrives, it can be stressful for the plants and gardener alike.  The plants of your landscape will require a little more TLC to make it through periods of extreme heat. 

Here are a few tips to protect your lawn, garden, and landscape when temperatures soar.

Getting Ahead with Fall Strawberries

Thinking about adding some new strawberry plants to the garden next spring? Get ahead with a fall planting instead! Planting strawberries in fall allows for plants to become fully established sooner and gives close to, if not full, fruit production the following spring. Most strawberry cultivars can do well with this system, but planting them sooner rather than later is better to give them adequate establishment time.

Herbicide Injury to Garden Plants

We have been receiving many photos and samples of plants that appear to have herbicide injury.  This damage can come from drift from herbicides applied to nearby lawns, landscapes, fields, or other areas; residue or carryover in materials such as grass/pasture clippings, wood chips, mulch, animal manure, soil, or compost; or improper use of a product.