April 22, 2022

Celebrate Arbor Day

hillside shaded by mature trees

Arbor day is April 29, 2022, in Iowa, and a great opportunity to plant trees, distribute free trees, provide resources on tree planting and care, and celebrate all the benefits trees provide.

Growing Radishes

Radishes grow best in the cool temperatures of spring or fall.  Garden radishes can be planted in early spring for a late spring, early summer harvest, and then again in late summer for a fall harvest. 

Growing Carrots and Parsnips

Carrots are one of the most popular garden vegetables and come in colors beyond the traditional orange, including purple, red, yellow, and white.  Parsnips are close relatives of carrots and have a more subtle, sweeter, nuttier flavor. 

Resources for Turfgrass Lawns in Iowa

close up view of green grass blades

One of the hallmarks of spring in Iowa is the greening up of the lawn.  Below are some resources to help manage that green lawn all season long!

How to Test Soil Drainage and What to Do to Improve Soil Drainage

What is "well-drained" soil and how can you improve "poorly-drained" soils?