April 12, 2019

Floods and morel hunting, oh my!

A picture showing a morel mushroom with a slimy exterior and is decomposing

Lately, the general public has reached out to us was wondering: does the morel mushroom hunting season have any precautions this year, due to flooding and devastation in Iowa?

Cultivars of Native Midwestern Grasses for the Home Landscape

Ornamental grasses have become popular additions to home landscapes in the last 25 to 30 years.  Ornamental grasses are easy to grow, require little maintenance, are long-lived, and relatively pest and disease free.  They also provide multi-season interest.  Attractive features of ornamental grasses include color, texture, form or growth habit, movement, and sound.  Foliage colors range from shades of green to blue, yellow, tan, and reddish purple.  Textures vary from fine to coarse.  Plant forms range from low, mounding plants to tall, upright plants.  Ma

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