April 10, 2020

Avoid Pruning Oak Trees during Spring and Summer

Watch for Fungus Gnats in the House and Take Action if Found

Greet the Woollybear Caterpillars

A woollybear caterpillar on a rock

If you have been taking more walks than normal this spring, then you may have noticed banded woollybear caterpillars crossing the sidewalk.  Woollybears are robust, black and orange fuzzy caterpillars.  These almost fully-grown caterpillars are seen in the fall as well.  Woollybears spend the whole winter as caterpillars so the ones you are seeing now are the same ones you saw last fall (well, probably not the EXACT same caterpillar, but part of the same generation).  The ones you are seeing now made it through the whole winter and are now looking for a bit more to eat b

Planting Asparagus in the Home Garden

rows of asparagus

Asparagus is one of the most popular vegetables in spring.

Mole Problems Surface in the Home Lawn

Lawn area with a mound of bare soil and winding tunnels caused by a mole

Moles have returned to the soil surface from their overwintering depths. Consequently, tunnels and mounds are showing up in the lawn.  See the picture below and our online article in the HHPN Encyclopedia.