September 30, 2009

Phomopsis Cane and Leaf Spot of Grape

Phomopsis cane and leaf spot of grape was diagnosed on a grape sample from Polk County after chemical injury was suspected. The disease is caused by the fungus Phomopsis viticola and is especially destructive if the weather following budbreak is wet for several days. It can weaken the vine, reduce yield, lower the quality of fruit for table use, and kill grafted and other nursery stock.

Overwintering Tender Perennials

Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update - September 30, 2009

The following are highlights and updates about samples and questions received in the Clinic during the past two weeks:


Cottony Grass Scale

The cottony grass scale is not a common problem in Iowa.

First Freeze in Iowa

 A common question from home gardeners is when they can expect the first freeze of the fall to occur. Below is a map from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship that show

Japanese Beetle Distribution Update

We continue to track the expansion of the known distribution of the Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica in Iowa. Below is our map showing positive confirmations in red and 9 new county