September 28, 2011

Raspberry Leaf Spot

Raspberry leaf spot is perhaps the most common raspberry disease we see in the clinic. Early infections look like dark green circular spots on new leaves.

Care of Tender Perennials: Over-wintering Bulbs

Tender perennials such as tuberous begonias, gladioli, cannas and dahlias put on excellent displays of color until a killing frost. Unfortunately, they will not survive our harsh winters outdoors and must be dug in the fall and stored indoors until they can be returned to the ground next spring.

  See the ISU Extension Yard & Garden Column from September 22 for details.

Indoor Blooms at Christmas


Amaryllis, poinsettia and holiday cacti are popular plants that bloom at the holiday season. With proper planning, preparation and care you can have these potted favorites at their peak for the holidays. See the ISU Extension Yard & Garden Column from September 30 for details.