September 27, 2013

Control of Broadleaf Weeds in the Lawn

 A well maintained lawn is an important component of an attractive home landscape.  Unfortunately, dandelion, plantain, and other perennial broadleaf weeds can become problems.  When

Over-wintering Tender Perennials

Tender perennials such as tuberous begonias, gladioli, cannas and dahlias will not survive Iowa's harsh winter weather outdoors and must be dug in the fall and stored indoors through the winter mon

New Xerces Society Report

BEYOND THE BIRDS AND THE BEES:  The Effects of Neonicotinoid Insecticides on Agriculturally Important Beneficial Invertebrates is a new report from the

Reflections on a Monarch Butterfly

 I was recently releasing a monarch butterfly that I had reared from a caterpillar when I was struck with the realization that I may be witnessing the end of something.  Last winter the m

Where have All the Monarchs Gone, Long Time Passing?

It was not that long ago that a routine spectacle of autumn was to see monarch butterflies fill the air.