September 17, 1999

How to Overwinter Geraniums

Geraniums are popular bedding plants, blooming from May through frost. However, the first hard frost doesn't have to be the end of your geraniums. They can be overwintered indoors by potting up individual plants, taking cuttings, or storing bare- root plants in a cool, dry place. Regardless of the method, the plants should be removed from the garden prior to the first frost.

Potted Plants

Late Summer White Grub Problems in Lawns

Damage from white grubs in lawns can show up anytime after mid-August. However, our experience in the recent past has been that grub damage does not become obvious until September or even into October. Damage from white grubs is usually highly localized. It is typical to have severe damage in irregular and isolated spots.

White grub damage may first appear as drought stress (gray-green discoloration and wilting in the hot sun). More severe damage causes the turf to die in large irregular patches that can be rolled back like a loose carpet.

Meetings of interest

Listed below are meetings which may be of interest to our readers. These courses offer Commercial Pesticide applicators the opportunity to fulfill their Continuing Instruction requirements for 1999.

Roadside, Forest Aquatic Pest Management

October 20, 1999
(categories 6, 2, 5, 10)
Delivered via satellite to county sites

Greenhouse and Ornamental Applicators

October 21, 1999
(categories 3G, 3-O, 10)
Live program in Ames, Iowa

Selecting and Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs

As the garden season winds down for the year, now is a great time to select and plant a few spring-flowering bulbs for next year. Spring-flowering bulbs offer reliable color and fragrance to the garden before many other plants wake from their long winter's nap. Gardeners can choose from traditional spring-flowering bulbs, such daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths, or the unusual like squill, crown imperial, giant onion, or guinea-hen. A small investment of time and money this fall will reward you with beautiful flowers next spring.