September 15, 2000

Harvesting and Storing Apples

In order to obtain the highest quality fruit, apples must be harvested at the proper stage of maturity. Once harvested, proper storage is necessary to maximize storage life.

Meetings Offering Pesticide Applicator Training

Listed below are meetings that may be of interest to HHPN readers. These programs offer the Commercial Pesticide Applicator the opportunity to fulfill their continuing instruction requirement for the year 2000.

Winter Storage of Tender Perennials

Tender perennials are an integral part of many home landscapes in the Midwest. Most have a
long blooming period and put on excellent displays
of color until it freezes in the fall. The biggest
problem with tender perennials is that they will not
survive Iowa's harsh winter weather if left outdoors.
The following tender perennials should be dug in the
fall and stored indoors until spring graces our
doorstep once again.

Tuberous begonias (Begonia
xtuberhybrida) come in a wide assortment of colors and types.