September 13, 1996

Fall Storage of Tender Bulbs, Corms and Tubers

School has started, the first football game is history, can autumn be far behind? Many gardeners are redirecting their efforts from flower production to ensuring the survival of their tender perennials. Tender perennials are not winter hardy in our part of the country, but with a little help from us, they can survive for many years. Tender perennials are those plants that need to be dug from the soil in the fall and wintered over in a frost-free location. Luckily we don't have to keep the entire plant, only the bulb, corm, or tuber are stored.

1996 Two-credit Instruction Program for CPAs

Continuing instructional courses (CIC's - 1996) for commercial pesticide applicators are listed below. Continuing education courses are approved for specific certification categories. Mailings with registration information for these programs are sent to companies or applicators who are certified in each of these categories. If you are a certified commercial pesticide applicator but do not receive registration information 3 weeks before the program, call the Entomology Department at 515-294-1101.

Date Categories

Suggested Daffodil Cultivars for Iowa

Daffodils are a welcome sign of spring. To enjoy their beauty, gardeners must plant daffodils in the fall. There are several thousand daffodil varieties. All daffodils can be placed into one of twelve divisions. These divisions are based on physical characteristics and genetic heritage.

Iowa's State Flower - the Wild Rose

Many Iowans have been studying the history of Iowa this year as we celebrate the state's 150th birthday. This is a good time to take a close look at the flower given the distinction of being "Iowa's State Flower".