September 11, 2015

Yellowjacket Wasps: Fall's Busy "Bees"

We have had more phone calls than normal this fall about yellowjacket wasps.  Many callers are concerned that they have "bees" and want to know how to save the pollinators. Deciding the desired course of action in this situation requires we take a step back (literally and figuratively) and make a confirmed diagnosis. 

Diagnosis starts with a simple question:  What color are the “bees" followed by, Are the "bees" coming from a hole in the ground.

Tulip Divisions

Tulips are favorites of Midwest gardeners, but we often fail to appreciate the diversity of these spring-flowering bulbs.  Tulips vary tremendously in flower and plant size, bloom period, sh

Time to Test! Bacterial Leaf Scorch Testing Available

Bacterial leaf scorch is a bacterial pathogen (Xylella fastidiosa) that invades the vascular system of many plants; including shade trees such us oak, maples (r

2016 Calendar Welcomes Guests of the Garden

The 2016 ISU Garden Calendar is available now.  The coming year's calendar features guests that might visit your garden, including birds, bees, butterflies and a few less-desirable critters.