October 8, 2008

Winter Protection for Roses

Most hybrid tea, grandiflora, and floribunda roses require winter protection in Iowa. The low temperatures and rapid temperature changes in winter can severely injure and sometimes kill unprotected roses.

Ash Spider Mite Webbing On Tree Trunks

Again this year a very small number of Iowans have been treated to a most unusual, pre-Halloween phenomenon: ash trees shrouded in webbing.

Wormy Acorns and Hickory Nuts

If you spend any time at all picking up hickory nuts or acorns in the fall you have probably noticed acorns and nuts with a neat, small round hole through the side. This is the exit hole created by the pudgy, white, wrinkled, legless grub that developed inside the nut.

There are several species of insects that live inside nuts and acorns. The most common are closely related weevils collectively referred to as “nut weevils."