October 27, 2010

Grape Industry in Iowa

Iowa currently has 85 state-licensed wineries and more than 413 vineyards covering 1,200 acres in 95 of Iowa's counties.  The estimated total economic impact for the state is $234.3 million.<

Health Benefits of Gardens

Cindy Haynes, ISU Extension Horticulturist, recently spoke about the health benefits of gardening including the calming effect that lifts your mood, reduces your blood pressure and improves your mental and your physical health.

Green Roof Benefits

A recent trend in going "green" is to partially or completely cover the top of your building with growing plants. These "living roofs" can provide substantial benefits.

Termite Distribution in Iowa

Below is an updated map that indicates our best guess on where eastern subterranean termites occur in Iowa. In our records and conversations we have been able to document that 94 Iowa counties have reported termites. In other words all but 5 counties have had activity by termites reported at one time or another.