October 12, 2011

Protecting Trees and Shrubs from Rabbits

Rabbits are often portrayed as cute, furry creatures in books and movies. In the real world, however, rabbits can be destructive pests in the home landscape. In winter, rabbits often browse on young trees and shrubs. If feeding damage is extensive, trees and shrubs can be completely destroyed. 

2012 Garden Calendar Now Available

For the past 34 years ISU Extension and the Department of Horticulture have published a garden calendar that gives timely tips and suggestions for your garden. The 2012 Garden Calendar goes on

Harvesting Root Crops

Root crops are popular in home gardens because they are easy to grow and produce an abundance of nutritious food in a small space.  See the ISU Extension Yard & Garden news release from October 7 to learn when to harvest and how to store parsnips, salsify and horseradish.


Geramium Budworm

One of the "new" things I learned this summer was how the tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) also attacks and feeds on a wide variety of garden flowers

Fall Lawn Care Suggestions

Lawn mowing is coming to an end for the season but other lawn maintenance work remains to be done. Now is the time to be raking, fertilizing and applying broadleaf herbicides as needed. Read more about fall lawn care in the ISU Extension Yard & Garden news release from October 13.

Grass-Carrier Wasps

If during fall cleaning you find a handful of dried grass blades tucked between your window screen and window it is a sign that you were lucky enough to host a family of grass-carrier wasps for the