November 6, 1998

Asian Lady Beetle

The "multicolored Asian lady beetle" (Harmonia axyridis), has been a common nuisance in many areas of the eastern U.S. for several years. This lady beetle, like the others, is beneficial as a natural enemy of aphids and other small insects. Unfortunately, this species has the undesirable habit of congregating on the south sides of houses and other buildings and wandering indoors by accident in the fall of the year.

Care of Houseplants during the Winter Months

Growing conditions for houseplants are less than ideal during the winter months. Short days and long nights, low relative humidities, and cold drafts can be stressful to many houseplants. Good consistent care, however, should keep them healthy and attractive.

Relative Humidity

Selection and Care of the Poinsettia

The poinsettia is one of the most beautiful symbols of the holiday season. The bright, colorful poinsettia has become an integral part of holiday decorations in both the home and office.


A native of Mexico, the poinsettia has a long, fascinating history. Aztec Indians made a reddish purple dye from the poinsettia's bracts and a medicine from its milky sap.