November 5, 1999

Selection and Care of Holiday Plants

While the poinsettia is the traditional plant of the Christmas season, the holiday cactus, cyclamen, and Norfolk Island pine are also excellent holiday plants. Regardless of which plant you choose, careful selection and proper care should insure enjoyment during the holiday season.

Preparing lawns for the winter

Fertilizing lawns in the fall is one of the most important application of the year because it helps in the production of a strong root system. Use a complete fertilizer - one that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K).

Upcoming Pesticide Applicator Courses

Upcoming Continuing Instructional Courses (CIC) for Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicators: November 16, 1999 Ornamental and Turfgrass At participating Extension Offices November 16, 1999 Mosquito/Public Health Scheman Building, ISU Ames, Iowa December 1, 1999 Pest Control Operators At participating Extension Offices

This article originally appeared in the November 5, 1999 issue, p. 131.