November 16, 2011

Weed Identification Guide

Though primarily intended for farm crop producers and consultants, the ISU Extension Weed Identification Field Guide, CSI 0003, should also be useful to horticulturists, Master Gardeners and h

Houseplant Care in Winter

Indoor plants help create a welcoming, calming, aesthetically pleasing environment in homes.

Winter Protection for Strawberries

Mid-November is the time to apply mulch to strawberry beds to protect them through the winter.  Clean, weed-free oat, wheat or soybean straw or chopped cornstalks should be applied in a 3 to 5

Forcing Amaryllis and Paperwhite Narcissus Indoors


Larger Yellow Ants

Larger yellow ants are one of my favorite insects.  They have a pleasant lemon or citronella odor when crushed (of course the crushing is not pleasant to them!).  Larger yellow ants are h

Recent Bed Bug Resources of Note

An avalanche of information is coming at us about bed bugs. For those interested in some recent developments and/or resources, here are links of possible interest. Enjoy.