November 10, 1993

Color For Winter Landscapes and Throughout the Year

At this time of year many of our landscapes lack interest, especially when it comes to color. Conifers fill a great void in this area because they aren't restricted to just green. Several varieties of spruce, juniper, pine, and arborvitae possess colored foliage. These conifers differ in their ability to tolerate extremes in growing conditions. Many are cold tolerant, but are unable to withstand extreme heat. Others are heat tolerant, but unable to take colder growing conditions. Make sure the conifer you select isappropriate for your site.

Gardening for Exercise

I always feel better in the summerwhen I'm outside working in the yard and flower beds, but I alwaysthought it was because I thoroughly enjoy gardening and it'stherapeutic to me. Gardening is also a good form of exercise. Iread an article recently detailing the number of calories burnedand the muscle groups used doing various yard and gardeningactivities. As with most exercise programs, the activity must bemaintained for a period of at least 30 minutes to be beneficial.Fitness terms such as endurance, resistance, flexibility, andstrength are applicable to gardening activities.

Potting Amaryllis for Indoor Bloom

Amaryllis are popularflowering bulbs which are grown for their spectacular bloomduring the winter months. Bulbs are available pre-plantedin pots or unpotted. The unpotted bulbs usually cost less,plus the potting procedure is simple. All that are neededare a good well-drained potting soil and a suitable container.