May 9, 2014

Native Woodland Wildflowers for the Home Garden

 When selecting plants for the shade garden, don't overlook native woodland wildflowers.  Woodland wildflowers are attractive additions to home landscapes and are easy to grow when given

Caring for Daffodils

 Home gardeners welcome daffodils as a sign of spring.

Better Lawn Mowing Equals Better Lawn!

 Proper mowing practices play a vital role in helping to maintain a healthy, sustainable home lawn.

Root and Crown Winter Injury in Fruit Crops

The winter of 2013/14 was cold and abnormally dry across north-central and western Iowa.  Dry soil conditions coupled with a lack of snow cover and an extended period of sub-freezing tempera

Japanese Beetle Control on Trees

Many homeowners, tree care companies and landscapers are looking ahead and worrying about defoliation of trees by the Japanese beetle adults again this summer.  The Japanese beetle is "th