May 5, 2000

Crabapples for Midwestern Landscapes

Crabapples are the most widely planted ornamental tree in the Midwest. They are grown chiefly for their colorful spring flowers. Flower colors range from white to pink to reddish purple. However, many crabapples possess other ornamental features. Some varieties have handsome leaves that range from dark green to burgundy. Others have colorful fruit in fall and early winter. Interesting growth habits and branching patterns are another ornamental feature.

Don't Believe all You Read...The Head Lice Example

An article published by Reuters Health (April 21, 2000) states that Internet sites are peddling lousy lice treatment information. According to the article the Federal Trade Commission surfed through 28 websites that were selling over-the-counter head lice treatments and concluded that the sites may violate FTC regulations.

Proper Watering Procedures

Most areas in Iowa have been extremely dry since last summer. Because of the dry conditions, some home gardeners have begun to water their perennial beds and lawns. Important points for gardeners to remember when watering include:

1. Water deeply and infrequently. Deep watering promotes the development of a deep, extensive root system. Frequent, light watering promotes shallow rooting. Deep-rooted plants will be able to survive hot, dry weather much better than shallow-rooted plants because they will be able to reach the moisture deep in the soil.