May 30, 2014

Summer Pruning of Raspberries

To maximize yields, raspberries must be pruned in spring and summer. Pruning increases crop yields and helps control diseases.  The pruning procedures for red, black, and purple raspberries (based on the growth and fruiting characteristics of the plants) are outlined below. 

Summer-Bearing Red Raspberries

After the last harvest, prune off the old fruiting canes at the soil surface.  Remove the pruned canes from the garden and destroy them. 

Revised Emerald Ash Borer Insecticide Bulletin Available

The multistate guide to emerald ash borer (EAB) insecticide treatment strategies has been revised and is available to download from the national EAB website,

They're Back! The Periodical Cicadas Have Arrived!

Yay!  Right on time!  The adults of  Brood III of the periodical cicada have emerged.


Velvet Galls Adorn Foliage

Velvet galls are some of my favorite galls and can be quite beautiful.  This spring I have noticed numerous velvet galls on boxelder trees.  From the top the leaf surface has small rais

Controlling Weeds in the Yard and Garden

Complete control of weeds in the home lawn or garden is not a practical goal for many homeowners. A more realistic approach is to minimize weed populations through a variety of control measures such as pulling, digging, cultivating, mulching and herbicides.  See the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach news release from May 29, 2014 for more tips on weed control in the lawn and garden.