May 26, 2010

Shade Tree Aphids and Honeydew

Often we have no idea what is happening up in the canopy of our trees. Insects are born, live and die with us being none the wiser. However, one group of insects often give themselves away in a rather annoying way – by defecating, a lot. Aphids and their plant feeding relatives are so well known for their excrement that we have even come up with a more pleasant term for it – honeydew. Honeydew is produced by aphids and soft scales and is basically the plant sugars that end up passing through the digestive system of sap feeding insects. 

Concolor Fir Needle Deformities

Care of Newly-Planted Trees


The first 2 or 3 years are the most important period in the establishment of newly planted trees. Good cultural practices during this period help reduce transplant stress and create a favorable environment for tree growth. 


Anthracnose Common on Shade Trees This Spring

Many homeowners are growing concerned about the health of their shade trees due to unsightly leaf browning and leaf drop.

Early Cicadas Make Appearance in SE Iowa

Just when you think your life has become predictable and routine, Nature gives you something new and exciting. Life is grand.

Peonies for the Home Garden

Memorial Day means many things – cookouts, summer weather . . .