May 26, 2000

Contact information for plant problems

If you are experiencing a plant problem that has you stumped, Iowa State University extension specialists can help. A representative sample, a good description of the problem, and plenty of background information are necessary in order to accurately diagnose the problem. Also, photos are also very helpful.

You can first start by consulting the staff at your local county extension office . Additional contacts on campus are listed below.

Tattered Leaves

Oak leaf samples have been arriving in the Plant Disease Clinic showing symptoms of tatters. Tatters on hackberry has also been observed. Counties reporting tatters include Allamakee, Benton, Dubuque, Grundy, Johnson, Muscatine, and Poweshiek.

Damage from tatters appears at the time of leaf emergence. Affected leaves have reduced interveinal tissue, giving them a lacy or tattered appearance.