May 22, 1991

Harvesting Small Fruits

Small fruits, such as strawberries and raspberries, are highly perishable. Harvesting the fruits at the right stage of maturity and proper storage are vital to insure high quality. If possible, harvest in the early morning hours before field heat builds up in the fruit. Small quantities of fresh fruit can be stored in the refrigerator for a short time. Surplus fruit should be canned or frozen. The following tips are intended to help you decide when to harvest the small fruit crops at their peak of quality and flavor.

Pine Pests

Our two major pests of pine trees should be controlled now if population densities warrant treatment. European Pine Sawfly larvae will become more noticeable as they rapidly approach their 1-inch length. Of course, feeding damage to the old needles by the clusters of gray-green "worms" also becomes more noticeable the longer you wait. Mechanically remove or prune away larvae, or spray with Sevin, Orthane or horticultural oil (the last choice most effective against small larvae).

Summer Rose Care

Roses are popular flowering plants in gardens throughout the United States. To achieve best results, roses must be given proper care during the summer months.