May 18, 2001

Turfgrass Sampling

Turf samples are making their way into the Iowa State University Plant Disease Clinic. To make good use of Clinic services send the best sample possible with complete information. Below are some tips to help you provide the Clinic with enough clues to solve your turfgrass mystery.

Collect turfgrass from the edge of the affected area before applying any chemicals. The sample should include both healthy and infected plants. Completely dead grass is of no use since it will be filled with secondary organisms.

Winter Effects on Garden Plants

The weather experienced this past winter had damaging effects on a diverse group of garden plants. From snow mold on our lawns to the death of some of our prized trees and shrubs, it seems no one group of plants was spared. While some plants were killed outright, others faired amazingly well.

A few of the casualties and survivors from the "Winter of 2000-2001" are listed below.

Trees and Shrubs

Several marginally hardy trees and shrubs succumbed to winter's onslaught of low temperatures, snow, wind, and sun.