May 11, 2005

Hosta Virus Diseases


Hostas are susceptible to several virus diseases that cause a variety of symptoms. Symptoms of virus infection include stunting, ringspots (ring-shaped areas of discoloration), mottling (patchy areas of yellowing), mosaic (alternating patches of yellow and green) and withering of the leaves. Symptoms may vary with the cultivar of hosta and environmental conditions.

Selecting Shrubs for the Home Landscape

Shrubs are integral components of a home landscape. Shrubs can be used as hedges, screens, barriers, groundcovers, foundation plantings, and backgrounds for other plants. They can also be used as accent or specimen plants. Shrubs also provide food and shelter for birds and wildlife.

Site Conditions

When selecting shrubs for the home landscape, gardeners should carefully examine growing conditions at the site. Important site conditions include soil drainage, soil pH, and the amount of sunlight.