May 11, 2001

Care of Spring-Flowering Bulbs after Bloom

Iowans have been enjoying the beauty of tulips, daffodils, and other spring-flowering bulbs for the past few weeks. Proper care through the remainder of the spring will help to insure excellent flower displays in succeeding years.

Remove the flower heads on tulips and daffodils as soon as the flowers fade. This prevents undesirable seed and pod development which weakens the bulbs and reduces flower production in following years.

Growing Lima Beans

Lima beans are a warm season crop native to Central America. They are highly nutritious, containing high levels of iron, protein, thiamine, and riboflavin. While lima and snap beans are similar in many respects, lima beans do have specific cultural requirements.

Rhizosphaera Review

Spruce samples showing the presence of the fungal disease Rhizosphaera needle cast have been arriving almost daily in the Plant Disease Clinic. Spruce trees infected with the fungus Rhizosphaera tend to show sparse lower branches. The older (inner) needles turn a purplish-brown color and fall prematurely from the tree. If you take a close look at these needles with a hand lens or magnifying glass, small black spots (structures of the fungus) will be visible in rows in the infected needles.

Yellowjacket Control - Spring Is the Best Time to Do It!

By Joerg Schmidt-Bailey, Integrated Pest Management Educator, University of Illinois Extension Countryside Center

Reprinted from The Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News, Vol. 7, No. 6 April 25, 2001