May 1, 1998

Common Ticks in Iowa

Evidence suggests that spring may finally be arriving in Iowa. The tulips are in bloom, the redbud trees are blooming, people are busily mowing their lawns . . . and ticks are starting to become active. While ticks can occasionally be found during the cold weather months, it is the spring that triggers their greatest activity. As a result, ticks are starting to be sent to our office for identification. So far, these ticks have been either the adult stage or nymph stage of the Lone Star tick or the American dog tick.

Nonchemical Control of Insects and Diseases on Strawberries

Strawberries are relatively easy to grow. However, insects and diseases occasionally cause problems. Fortunately, good cultural practices can reduce the damage and losses caused by these pests. The following practices should reduce insect and disease problems in strawberries.

Growing snap beans in the home garden

Beans are one of America's favorite garden vegetables. Early bean varieties were stringy, hence the term "string" bean. Modern varieties are stringless, tender, and crisp. Since they snap easily, these new varieties are referred to as snap beans. Snap beans may be classified as bush or pole beans. The bush-type beans are low growing plants that may grow 1 to 2 feet in height. Pole beans are vining plants which must be supported by a fence or stakes.