March 31, 1995

Edema of Geraniums

Several ivy geranium samples have arrived in the Plant Disease Clinic showing symptoms of edema. Early symptoms of edema include tiny blisters on the undersides of leaves. Petioles and stems may also be affected. These blister-like areas can enlarge and will turn tan or brown in color and appear corky. Affected leaves eventually yellow and drop.

Sidewalks and Trees

How many times have you gone for a walk and noticed sidewalks cracked or heaved out of place because of tree roots? Unfortunately this problem is all too common. Not only are the damaged sidewalks a potential accident for pedestrians, correcting the situation can be damaging to the tree. Prevention is the best possible way to avoid having to deal with problem tree root systems. When root problems develop, root pruning may be necessary. Root pruning, however, should not to be taken lightly.